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Four Places to Eat at in Victoria, B.C., Canada

A month ago my parents and I traveled up to Victoria, Canada. I have previously visited this grand city twice in my life. While in Victoria, we decided to explore restaurants to eat at the three nights we were there. While exploring, we found some delicious places to eat. I would love to share these…… Continue reading Four Places to Eat at in Victoria, B.C., Canada

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Tomato Vine Candle | Bath and Body Works

Hello everyone! I recently got this Bath and Body Works candle, Tomato Vine. It was on sale for $15. The regular retail is $22.50. I wanted to share with you all this interesting, but good candle. Bath and Body Works usually sell, floral, fruit, food and other smells in candles. Many people say tomatos are…… Continue reading Tomato Vine Candle | Bath and Body Works

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Create Christmas Lantern for Cheap!

  Hi, all! I’m back for a new blog post, a Christmas blog post. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in America, but I’ve been doing something Christmas decorating. After tomorrow the Christmas lights, music, and décor will be in full swing. Today, I will be covering how to create this awesome lantern for Christmas for CHEAP!…… Continue reading Create Christmas Lantern for Cheap!


Delicious Tomato Avocado Melts

  Love toast in the morning, but tired of putting plain ol’ melted butter on top? If yes, here is a great, new, breakfast or even lunch. All it consists of is tomato’s, avocados, cheese and of course bread. These delicious melts will make you coming back for more. Here’s how to make this delicious tomato avocado melts.…… Continue reading Delicious Tomato Avocado Melts