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Four Places to Eat at in Victoria, B.C., Canada


A month ago my parents and I traveled up to Victoria, Canada. I have previously visited this grand city twice in my life. While in Victoria, we decided to explore restaurants to eat at the three nights we were there. While exploring, we found some delicious places to eat. I would love to share these locations with you, so keep on reading! I will recommend four restaurants to visit while in Victoria.

         4. Tim Hortons

We ordered food from Tim Hortons twice. I have always heard of this famous Canadian foodie place, but I never got the chance to visit. Let me tell you; I was not disappointed! On our first visit, we ordered doughnut holes, called Timbits. These were the most delicious doughnuts I have ever had in my life, and I am not joking! The doughnuts included chocolate glazed, old fashion plain, raspberry, and honey dip. On both my trips to Tim Hortons, I ordered an iced coffee. These ice coffees were very good. It was just how I like my ice coffee. Cream, espresso, and ice.

On our last day, we stopped by Tim Hortons for dinner. We had to catch our ferry back to America, so we decided on a quick dinner by the sea. I ordered a handcrafted sandwich with turkey, swiss, tomato and lectus. Along with the sandwich, I got Jojo on the side.

My mom got a “strawberry vanilla donut”. This was something I didn’t try, but she claims that is was the best thing she has ever tasted. From the foods I tasted at Tim Hortons, I highly recommend trying something from here.

         3. Bard & Banker

Before I explain how amazing this place was, I would like to apologize for the poor photos. This restaurant is dark and very hard to take photos. Now, onto the food!

Bard & Banker is a restaurant we decided to try. The previous night before, we went to our favorite restaurant. We planned for this restaurant to be our dinner meal every night. The first and last night we tried the place, the restaurant changed their menu. We weren’t happy with the changes that occurred at the place, so we decided to find another restaurant in town. We ended up finding Bard & Banker. Previously, we never heard of the restaurant but thought we would give it a try.

We were very impressed with this restaurant and the food quality. I ordered a salad with clam chowder, my mom ordered a salad, and my dad ordered a hamburger with french fries. For walking into an unknown restaurant, I really enjoyed this place and will be coming back when I’m in Victoria again.

         2. James Bay Tea Room and Restaurant

IMG_0514 (2).JPG

James Bay Tea Room and Restaurant is the perfect little breakfast place to visit. While dining, I felt as if I was in England than Canada. This may be because the restaurant is British themed with photos of the royal family on the walls, and the British flag hung on the wall as well. I thought I took a picture of my breakfast I got, so I will have to apologize for the lack of foodie photos.  For breakfast, I ordered eggs and toast. The breakfast was very yummy! I highly recommend stopping by this tea room and restaurant for one, or all your breakfasts.


         1. High Tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel

For number one, I present to you the High Tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel! I have got here twice before this trip. Recently, the Fairmont Empress Hotel re-designed the tea room. Re-designing included the interior decor and the menu. I really like the new design, but I know others who do not.

I was surprised at the new menu. I was expecting the food I was served in the past. Along with the food, they added new teas. I got the Provence Rooibos. This tea has berry notes with mild lavender. Provence Rooibos is the best tea I have ever tasted. I was highly impressed with my choice.

As for the food, they provide you with three, small, servings. Sea food, chicken, scones, and delicious goodies are available for your table. I rate the Fairmont Empress Tea number one out of all the places I have eaten in Victoria. Having tea here is expensive, but it is worth it!


Those are four places I recommend eating at in Victoria, B.C., Canada. I hope this blog gave you some ideas on places to try if you decided to visit Victoria.

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6 thoughts on “Four Places to Eat at in Victoria, B.C., Canada

  1. I look forward to visiting this city! The tea room looks like such a cute little place to have a chat with a friend during the day! I might just be partial to it right now because in a month I’m headed to London for the first time haha! Thanks for highlighting a few places to check out!


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