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Tomato Vine Candle | Bath and Body Works

Hello everyone!

I recently got this Bath and Body Works candle, Tomato Vine. It was on sale for $15. The regular retail is $22.50. I wanted to share with you all this interesting, but good candle. Bath and Body Works usually sell, floral, fruit, food and other smells in candles. Many people say tomatos are a veteable, but it is recently proven to be a fruit. Yes, a fruit. Fruit or not, Bath and Body Works never sells tomato scented candles. When I saw this candle, my first reactions was mixed. I wasn’t sure if it would smell good or not. After smelling it I fell in love!

The notes in the candle are: Sun-kissed tomatoes, vanilla, and lemon. It truly smells like tomatoes growing in your garden. It reminds me of my grandmas garden when I was little and I would pick vegatables with her.

I highly recommend this candle to everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day. Don’t forget to follow my blog and my blog on Bloglovin.


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