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Welcome! New Blog, New Year.


Hello, everyone!

My name is Kate, and I am a college student who likes to blog about her ideas. I have decided to start a new blog here on a new website. My old blog can be found here at thehomeofkate.blogspot.com. I started my old blog when I was younger, and I have decided to start fresh. It’s a new year, and I want to start a new blog that represents me more for who I am than my old blog did. If anyone would like to read my old post, I will be keeping my old blog open.


Before I send you all off to read my other posts, I would like to inform you of what my blog will be about. Not much will change from my old blog. I will continue to write about my ideas, travels, beauty, lifestyle and decorate. The way my blog post will be addressing is different. On my old blog, I shared with my readers what I wear, what I do and what I use. This will not change. The products I do use will have rules thought. At the moment, I am focusing on being cruelty-free. Changing to cruelty-free is time for me, at the moment, to research on products and find products that fit best for me. I will say this, converting to cruelty-free is not an overnight change in everything you use. I will touch on some tips and information that will help you by being cruelty-free.

With all of that said, welcome to my blog! If you are moving over from my old blog, welcome back! If you are new, welcome I hope you find my blog helpful to you.


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