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7 Tips You Should Apporach With Your Cat

Getting a new pet can be so exciting! It’s the time when you get to know your little buddy and they get to know you. During this time you may be able to train them, feed them, take them on walks, and much more. That is if your pet is a dog or a cat. Regardless of the animal, we all treat our pets the same, with love. I have had two cats my whole life. My first cat, Bootsie, came into my life when I was 5. She died when I was 18. Throughout that time I was too young to understand how to care for a pet.

Before I get started, I want to tell my readers that you are not the owner of your pet. Your pet does not have a family and you are their family! They may not have another or two other puppies or kittens around. If you have a single pet, they can get lonely. You are their family. The one thing that distinguishes you from your pet is that they know you are the head of their family. I have a wonderful example of this. My present cat, Miss. Mittens, Mittens for short, has reactions and approaches my mom, my dad, and I in different ways. When she’s scared, she stays by my mom or dad. She knows if she’s being naughty, to NOT mess with my dad. Mittens can be naughty and start hitting my mom and I, yes, hitting. With me, she knows she can get away with more stuff. Mittens doesn’t like to play with my parents, but comes to me to play. In her mind, we are her family and she understands who has what role.
Now, with that out of the way, I want to give you tips on what your new kitten needs within the first year living with you. I’m sure you can take this approach with an older cat. I have not done this, but with Mittens it worked great!
Tip #1 Bring around friends and family!
A few days after I got Mittens, it was New Years Eve. My family and a friend came over, Mittens was by everyone. She wasn’t shy and she wanted to be held. My boyfriend came cover a lot and Mittens welcomed him. A big majority of kittens are not scared to be around people. Mittens wanted everyone’s attention. The great thing about this was, when Mittens got older, she wasn’t scared of them as much as the new people coming over. Still, she runs and hides when we have parties. When the people she knows comes over, she is less likely to hide, all depending on her mood. These people were around her from the moment she became our pet. She is used to them and isn’t scared of them because of this. This is a great thing to do for your pet so they don’t hide out for hours when anyone comes over. Also, they won’t feel as if their house is getting invaded by strangers.
Tip #2 Rub their paws!
Now, you may think, Rub their paws!? Why would I do that? A kitten is more open to anything compared to an older cat. The younger they are, the most likely they are okay with things going on. If you rub your kittens paws it will become easier to cut their nails. If you don’t want to cut their nails yourself, you can skip this step. Now, one thing I found interesting was my previous cat, Bootsie, didn’t have long, sharp nail, Mittens does. She loves to scratch everything and her nails are very sharp and long! I don’t like to cut her nails myself, but I have been rubbing her paws from when I got her until now. She doesn’t mind when someone touches her hands or feet, she actually loves it. I started this incase I ever want to start cutting her nails myself. This is a great approach even if you take your cat to the vet or groomer to get their nails cut. They won’t fight back.
Tip #3 Take your cat to the vet!
Before I touch up on this tip, the veterinarian can be expensive, take what you like from this tip and leave what you don’t. I follow this tip at a minimum because of the cost of the veterinarian.
With a new kitten, it’s a good idea to take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. They will get used to it early. Now, they most likely will hate going, but they will be less scared. This also wraps into getting your cat around people. Taking your cat to the vet gets them around others and they will be less scared when arriving. Cats don’t like to be taken anywhere, unlike dogs. Regardless of where you take them and what you’re doing, they will hate it. Taking them to the vet early will get them used to going and be a little less scared. I have taken Mittens three times in the last two years she is used to it. She sits in her cage and acts perfectly fine.
Tip #4 Get your cat a bed!
We got Mittens a bed when she was a new kitten and put her inside. She loved it! She doesn’t lay anywhere to take naps or relax, she lays in her bed. Every night when it’s time for us to go to bed, she gets in her bed and goes to sleep. She loves it and get very cozy! I don’t know any other cat who loves beds like Mittens. My last cat didn’t like beds. When she was sick and dying of cancer, we got her a bed. She loved it so much, she laid in it ever night. Before, she wouldn’t lay in a cat bed. As your cat becomes older, try to introduce them to comfy beds. If they don’t like beds when they were kittens, they may like them when they are older. We used to get boxes for Mittens and she would sit in them, but never sleep. She always went back to her bed to sleep. I prefer to have a cat bed lying around the house instead of boxes. Above, you can see, in the second picture, Mittens still lays in her bed to this day. It is a great way for your pet to get comfortable in a fuzzy bed.
Tip #5 Get your cat toys!
This solemnly depends on the cat. Don’t go out and buy multiple toys and your cat ends up not likely them. By them one or two toys and see if they like it. Bootsie, my last cat, didn’t like toys. We bought her three different types and she won’t touch them. Mittens though, she loves them! She has so many toys it’s crazy. Recently, we had to throw away her favorite one, it was torn to pieces. She always has to have a toy with her and is always playing. Toys give your cat a fun time to play and a time to stop being lazy. They will get exercise playing with the toys, especially if your cat is an indoor cat like Mittens.. There’s many different types to get, buy two or three different types and see what fits your cat the best.
Tip #6 Brush them!
Brushing your kitten will make them feeling soft and will help your carpet. If your cat is long haired the hair may get everywhere. Brushing your cat prevents a great amount on the hair balls and hair all over the house. Although cats clean themselves, their hair still get everywhere. I like to brush Mittens once a day. I started brushing her when she was new to my home, now she loves it! She will let you brush her easily. She rolls around on the floor and purrs. This is great because I don’t have to fight with her and there’s not black hair balls on the white carpet.
Tip #7 Love them!
If you spend a couple minutes or your day petting your cat, or all day giving them little attention, they will love it! Cats aren’t like dogs, they are very independent, but that does not mean they don’t need love and pets! Spend some time of the day playing or petting your cat, can granite they will love it. Mittens is almost two years old and she loves to get attention. If she doesn’t get any she will meow until she gets attention. All pets need to have the attention they deserve! Don’t let your pet be lonely and upset, no matter what animal it is.
Whether your cat is a kitten or an older cat, the smallest things can help them. I hope these tips help you if you have a new kitten or want to change some things between your cat and you. It has helped me a lot! Comment below if you have a cat and what has helped you the most. Don’t forget to follow my blog. xxx

One thought on “7 Tips You Should Apporach With Your Cat

  1. Great post. I think it’s so important to read up on how to care for your new pet. As a rescuer, one thing I take a bit of exception to is that a younger cat is easier to train. I’ve adopted adult cats that grew to love my dog and ended up sleeping with me.


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