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New Journals and Planner You Absolutely Need!

I went to Target this week to search for new college items. I will soon find out what dorm I got. I’m very nervous about moving away from home, so I went shopping for school. Yes, I know it is only July and I leave for school in September, but I needed to do this for my sanity. Now, lets get to talking about these awesome journals!

The first one I want to talk about is the “My Future Listography: All I Hope To Do In Lists.” If you love to make list and write down the things you want to accomplish, like me, this is a great listography. Each page, from 1 to 160, proves a list to fill out. You’re asked a question and you can list your answers. This is a type of listography that does not have a specific topic. It’s great for getting an idea of the things you’d like to accomplish in life. I highly recommend trying it out! I bought this at Target, on sale, for $4.48. The original price was $16.95! One of the best deals I’ve gotten!
The second item is similar to the last one. Instead of a listography about your future, this one is a “Travel Listography: Exploring the World in Lists”. The great thing about this one is that it’s focused on traveling, as you can see by the title. Besides the topic, this one is different from the future listography. Still, each, 160 pages, provides you questions, but one side of the page has a list for you to make on the things you have done. The other side is the things you want to do. For an example, the first question you’re asked is what cities and states have you visited or want to go to in the United States of America? On the left side I listed the states and cities I’ve traveled to and on the right, I listed the cities and states I want to go to one day. Each page is like this. Again, I got this for $4.48 at Target, on sale, with the original price at $16.95.
For both the future and travel listography, I recommend taking time to fill them out. I decided to fill out each page, if possible, with only some things I have and want to accomplish in life. Leave some or half of the list empty. In the future, when you have done something or have new ideas, you will have a place to write them.
Next and last, is the planner I bought.  Let me say this is better than most planners! The first couple pages help you get your goals together. You are asked a few questions that you can fill out. They ask you want goals and achievements you want to complete in however amount of time. The rest of the planner has the basic thing all planners do. It provides monthly pages and then weekly pages. In the weekly pages there’s a part for the top three goals for the day, then you can write down what you want to do in a timely order. At the end of the planner there are many pages for notes. I highly recommend this planner! I never buy planners because I never like any. This is a great one for me! I bought it at Target for $9.99. This is also a great deal compared to come planners.
With these great journals and planner I feel more organized and better about my life.
Will you go buy or look at them? Comment below and don’t forget to follow my blog!

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