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Spring Break 2016

Spring break 2016 has come and gone already. Most people travel, go on adventures, using spring break as their time to go crazy and have fun. As for me, I’m doing the opposite.

I am currently in my second year of college. This last term, winter, has been very difficult. I have major personal life issues occurring around midterms, my life changed, and I had most of the hardest classes I needed to take to graduate.
For the past year and half I have been going to school, full time, to get my associates of arts transfer degree. I am required to take a math and writing classes, along with two electives. Winter term was just that, writing, math, ASL (American Sign Language), and psychology. This was one of the busiest terms I have ever had! Now that the term is over, and I have completed it with straight ‘B’s’, spring break is my time to relax.

I have focused on relaxing, meditating and doing the things I’ve been wanting to do. One of those things is writing. I’ve been writing in a journal and future blog posts. With the chaos in my life, I found no time to blog. I took three months off blogging. After everything toned down and the chaos came to an end, I found this little blogging web sit once again. I found my passion and love for writing, I forgot I used to have. Honestly, I thought I would not want to continue blogging for a while after taking writing 121. Happily, I am continuing to blog. I am back with lots of new ideas and a new attitude!

With the personal problems I have been dealing with the past couple months, I decided to sleep in, every day.  This really helps with pampering myself as well. I now feel healthy by sleeping in. I feel rested up and energized for spring term.

Every night, before bed, I apply lotion on my legs and arms. This s any type of Bath & Body Works lotion. I will store away the B&BW products that are not seasonal. Lately, thought, I have been using Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret. Once I have emptied Love Spell, I am going to use a spring B&BW lotion.
Another thing I do to pamper myself, is to wash my face every night. I feel fresh and clean before I go to bed. Depending on the day, how tired I am, and the texture of my face at the time, I will clean my face differently. If my skin is dry, I will remove my makeup and apply face cream. If my face is not very dry, I will skip the face cream, and use my acne face creams. A couple nights a week I will use my Clarisonic. The Clarisonic is great for deep cleaning! All the dirt comes out of your pores when using a Clarisonic.

The last thing I want to cover that I did on spring break, is I started working out. I love to work out. Working out is another thing that makes me feel refreshed and happy. Before spring break start, I got a Fitbit. The Fitbit has kept me very energized! I have started going for walks with my mom about every other day. I get tired with the long walks I do with her, but it’s worth it and I feel great.

These are all the things I have done this spring break. What have you been doing? Comment below and don’t forget to follow my blog.


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