How to Survive Your First Year of College

After graduating high school, many may head to college straight away, some may attend college some time in life, and some may never go. Whatever decision you make is up to, don’t let others hold you back. Right after high school, the following fall, I started college. I attended a community college. Throughout my first year I was a full time student, with a job and life events occurring around me I had to deal with. This last June I completed my first year of college. When starting I didn’t know what to expect. I was told it would be nothing like high school. This is true, but I did not think of it in the aspect it was truly meant in.

Before college, I wish I found a guide to help me survive my first year. First, your first year of college is nothing like your first year of high school. A different atmosphere is present when starting college. For any of you, no matter the age, starting college, I would love to give you tips during this life changing event. Before I begin, I would like to say these are tips and advice I give on being a full time student, with a job and other life events occurring. Any of you may take what you want from this. Now, let’s begin.

My first tip is don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goals. Many may tell you that you can not do something, this is not true. You may even tell yourself that. If money is an issue, financial ad can help you. If you are in need to cut back, to save money, do it. There are alternatives to help you complete your goals. Another way people may try to stop you is by saying you can’t do the degree you please. You are going to college for you, no one else. You get the degree you want, not what someone else wants you to get.
A second tip I give is, be prepared to jump right into homework! Your professors may give you homework on the first day. Also, I may add, when your professor gives you homework, do it. If you choose not to, do not turn it in late. Many professors will not accept it, under any excuses. When they say the due date, it is due that day, no exceptions.
Textbooks in college are expensive! Try alternatives, like Amazon or other book stores to find a cheaper price. You can have hundreds by doing this. Also, make sure the textbooks are required. I had professors tell the class a textbook was needed. We never used it once. I saved money from not buying it. Professors will mention the class textbook and if it is required or not. Most likely, they are required.
When in high school, studying wasn’t the biggest top priority for me. In college, it was a must! The two biggest tests, during college classes, are the midterm and the final. Study hard, don’t slack! Set aside lots of time to study for these two tests alone. These two are most likely worth a big percent of your grade. They will also help you get a high grade at the end, may even help you pass a class.
Professors in college are different than high school teachers. When homework or projects are given, professors will hopefully give you a guideline on what they expect. Following the guideline and including everything will give you a high grade. I noticed this was different in college compared to high school. For me, high school teachers often did not give guide line expectations. Projects and homework became hard. College professors will tell you what they want to see and what they do not want to see. I highly recommend following the guidelines to get the best highest grade you can and deserve.
These are my top tips on surviving your first year of college. If you achieve these tips your first year will go by smoothly. The first year is always hard. Many unexpected things will occur. College will be new to you. For all starting college soon, I wish you the best of luck!

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