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France Through My Eyes | Notre Dame

With sliding down the cathedrals walls, talking gargoyles, molten copper covering the building and peaceful sounds of large bells ringing up in the towers. Although the beautiful sound of the bells weren’t so peaceful while in the bell tower. By reading this I’m hoping a Disney movie comes to mind. If not, I’m talking about The Hunchback of Notre Dame. While watching this moving, you almost feel sucked back in time to 1482. In modern day, you don’t have talking gargoyles or a man with a large hunchback climbing the outside walls. Despite this wonderful Disney movie, none of this actually happened. In my mind, watching this movie brings back memories of visiting this breath taking cathedral.

When arriving in Paris on July 6, 2014, we dropped our bags off at the hotel, got on the metro and headed towards Notre Dame. Visiting Notre Dame has always been on the top of my list of places to go in my life. Going to the cathedral was fabulous. I had no idea what to expect, but the memories I have will always stay and be identified with Notre Dame.
At the moment of our arrival the bell from the bell tower filled the crisp air around us. All my life I have been waiting to hear this sound with my own ears, as I stood in front of Notre Dame. My tour group walked up to Notre Dame as the bells rang.
At the Statue of Charlemagne, we meet our tour guide, Pascal. While we waiting for more people to join us, a birds swarmed the area. I love birds, but these ones scared me. Their beating orange eyes scared me, as you can see below.
After a while, we got an introduction with Pascal. Once the introduction was finished, he took us east of the La Seine river, for a little while. The rest of our time at Notre Dame was looking around the cathedral. We were unable to go inside, due to an event going on, to my disappointment. While walking around we stopped by and had a drink in a café, next door to Notre Dame. While there I got a cappuccino. It was the best I have ever taste in my life! If you like coffee, you must try one in France. In the future I’ll have a post about the French and their food and drinks.
Below are photos around Notre Dame and of the building. These photos are ones only related to Notre Dame. There’s plenty more, but not associated with the cathedral. Enjoy!
Notre Dame was such a beautiful place on the outside, as I bet it is on the inside. I’m planning to travel back to Paris and to go inside Notre Dame. The memories and thoughts I have now stay with me, until the next time I visit.
Have you ever been to Notre Dame? Do you plan to some time in your life?
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Until next time au revoir!

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