Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie is one of my favorite stores! I’ve been shopping here for quiet a while. If I didn’t have self control, my bank account would be in trouble and would be drained. I would buy this whole store if I could. I’m no billionaire though.
I wanted to put together a review of this wonderful shop. When I was there recently, I decided to take a couple pictures of the place.

You can’t go wrong in Charming Charlie. They are sections of every color you desire. This store had jewelry, clothes, shoes, accessories, phone cases, nail polish, scarfs, and much more! If you’re looking for a casual seasonal outfit, they got it! Looking for accessories to wear to prom, a wedding, formal gathering? They got that as well! I used to be overwhelmed in this store with so much beautiful things I wanted to snitch up and buy right away. After going inside multiple times, I stopped feeling that way. This store has amazing lighting, so you can see what you want really looks like. Mirrors are scattered around the store. The things you need are easily available, and the staff is helpful.
Very soon, I will be showing you everything I ever got here, in detail. So stay tune!
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