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France Through My Eyes | Intro

On July 5, 2014 I embarked on an a life changing adventure, for someone like me. With EF Tours, a group of friends, and my high school’s French teacher, we headed to France. With six different flights, twenty-one cities, and one country, we traveled and saw some major high lights of France in 9 days.
I may looked at this fabulous country differently compared to others. My person experiences and culture experiences are how I see France through my eyes. That is just what this is. A blog series on France through my eyes. I’ll be reviews the experiences and sharing what there is too see in France. All post will be based on three things. First, the out look on what the topic/location with offer to all. Second, my experience. Thirdly, my thoughts and feelings.

This series started for a couple reason. For anyone who may be interested in traveling to France can find out information. If they like, they can take some advice I can give. Another reason I began this was so I can look back on all the memories I’ve had during my trip, in depth.
With that, I would love to invite you all in experiencing France Through My Eyes, a blog series.
Future post will be post through my blog. Keep on a look out for posts that will be coming. I won’t have a schedule on when post will be up. I will write them throughout the months. I would like for you to check out my Youtube video I made of the trip as well.
Until next time au revoir!

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