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France Through My Eyes | Departure

On July 5, 2014, at 8:00 a.m. I took a 18 hour flight to Paris, France. Bright and early in the morning I got up and drove to PDX airport. There I meet up with my tour group. There was 10 of us and we were all very excited to travel to France for our first time. Sleep was out of the question and in the back of our minds we were thrilled for this trip of a lifetime.

After waiting 3 hours, it was finally time to head onto the plane, and head to Chicago, where our 1st overlay was. Even early in the morning there were still lots of laughs between all of us. When arriving in Chicago we were ready to eat! In the airport we found a pizza stand. We all got mini pizza. There were only a few types to buy, and I got a sausage cheese pizza. Yumm!
(very bad picture of the pizza box)
After spending a few hours in Chicago, we got on a plane and headed to Frankfurt, Germany. This was a very long flight and I spent almost all of it sleeping. The airline we took was Lufthansa. Lufthansa was one of the best airlines I have ever been on. The one con about the long flight was the location of my seat. It was terrible. I had no leg room and I was curled up in a ball for almost 10 hours. Besides that, I had a gorgeous view flying over the world!
I didn’t want to feel miserable curled up, so I decided to take this time to sleep the whole flight. If you can sleep on flights, I recommend the highly! I took a sleeping pill and I was out within an hour of the flight. I’m never one to sleep on flights. Taking this pill helped me a lot. If you know you’ll be arriving at your destination, to another country, and you will have your first day filled to great adventures, sleep on the plane! By sleeping, I woke up 11 a.m., Paris time, and was ready to go explore with a great about of sleep. The other members of my group didn’t do this. By afternoon no one could see straight. I recommend doing whatever it will take to get a good nights sleep on the long plane ride.
Before we landed, I was awake after my long hours of sleep. I got to see Ireland and England at sunrise. It was beautiful!


 We hardly spend any time at the Frankfurt airport. We got on the plane right away and headed to Paris. When we arrived in Paris, we rushed around to get our luggage and to find our bus to take us to the hotel.
When arriving at the hotel, it was one in the afternoon. We meet with the rest of the tour groups, which equaled out to forty people. The other groups were located around America. All of us grabbed the things we need and headed out to explore Paris for the first time.
In my next post I will be talking about our first day, the metro, deep in the city of Paris and Notre Dame. This post was short.  I wanted to talk about arriving and what it was like to fly across the world. In the future I will write a packing guide on traveling to France, so look out for that.
I’ll see you in the next post. For now au revoir!
Don’t forget to watch my short vlog on my trip to France!: Here
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