New Purse

Yesterday, my mom bought me this purse at Kohl’s. The brand is Elle. Now, before I start I wanted to clear up the price! This was huge price range.

Before I even do that, I wanted to point out that I saw on the news about a year ago that Kohl’s covers up original prices with ‘fake’ original prices. This is only done with one sticker. Now, I thought, when I got this bag, why not see what the real original price is. The stick covering up the true original price was $79. The price under neath was $89. So, it was marked as 60% off of the new price: $31.60. I went online (because I am made at percentages) to see how much my mom bought this bag for me. She only bought it for $12.64. I saved $76.36 dollars on this Elle bag. Now, if that isn’t a good deal, enlighten me.
With the whole math out of the way, lets talk about this bag. It is a leather white bag, lined with a bright neon yellow on sides of bag. 
This is the best picture I could show of the inside lining. It is lined with a silky tan polka a dots fabric. Again, yellow lines the edges. 
There are about five pockets. Three on the inside and two on the outside. The reason behind why i wanted this bag was because of traveling I will be doing soon. This looked to be the right size of bag. I normally wouldn’t use a bag this large, but it was a must for everyday for me.

Here is a showing of the back.
I can’t wait to start using this bag. Wish me luck!
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