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Hawaii 2013 Day 2

On our second day in Oahu, Hawaii, we got up very early and headed over to Pearl Harbor! This post will be about the trip I took to Pearl Harbor. This will be for two reason. One, This is mostly all we did all day. After going to Pearl Harbor, we headed back to the beach for the rest of the day. The second things is that I wanted to have one blog post on this visit. 

We got up early and traveled 15 miles to Pearl Harbor. I have already been here three times perilously. This is one of the most exciting places to go to on Oahu! 
The first thing we have done is took the boat trip out on the harbors waters to the Arizona Memorial. 
There are so many things to see at Pearl Harbor. There are many museums to go through, shops and ships to go see.  Pearl harbor has three Navy battle ships you may see. First, is the famous Arizona. As you can see above in a model of the memorial, the ship is still in the waters from 1941. A fun fact about it is that there is still oil leaking from it!

The second ship you can see, and even go on was the Missouri. I have gone on the Missouri once and did not this trip. I only have pictures from the outside, not inside. You can buy ticks to explore the Missouri. This is (I believe) the only battle ship you can go on at Pearl Harbor.

The third and last ship that can be seen is the Utah. When Utah was boomed, it got flipped over on it’s side. Men were trapped inside and the battle ship was left in memory. 
At Pearl Harbor, there is an island called Ford Island. This, along with other military bases around Pearl Harbor still active. Ford Island is a military base that is still running. The Missouri and Utah are located on Ford Island. To get there you will either have to take a bus or if you have a military member with you, you can use there ID card. My dad is in the Military, so we got into Ford Island without the bus. 
Here in Ford Island there is a navigation tower. Last time I was in Hawaii this tower was getting restored. Now it looks new! Since Ford Island is a active military base, there isn’t much to do. You can go see the Utah and the Missouri. Also there is a museum and gift shop there. 
I wanted to share the wonderful things at Pearl Harbor I went to. Soon, I will post my other days in Hawaii! Next will be our road trip around the island! 
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