Rimmel Eye Shadow Primer

For the past week I have been using the Rimmel Exaggerate, Undercover Shadow Primer. I was running low on eye shadow primer and thought I would try this one. So far, it has been working wonderful!

Above is a picture of the wand stick looks like and a close up of the brush. This primer is a liquid and comes out smoothly, in the color white. Below is a picture of how much I suggest to use on your eyes. This is perfect amount to cover the whole eye. Well, at least my eyes. It comes on clearly and pends out smoothly. Also, I must add it is known to make color waterproof.  
I like this eye shadow primer because it seems to be the only one that doesn’t feel thick on my eye lips and comes on easily and blends well without trying very hard.
I believe I bought this for around $7 at my local store. It is under Rimmel London. If you have tried this primer please let me know in the comments your thoughts!
I wanted to share a little about the new primer I have gotten. A reason why I have been writing about drugstore makeup is because I have compared some high end makeup to the drugstore ones and they work just as great. I wanted to share with everyone the wonderful things you can get for cheaper and have them work just the same as others.
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-Kate x

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