Small Forever 21 Haul

About a week ago, I ordered a few things from Forever 21 online. I thought I would share with you the thing I’ve gotten. Now, it’s not like you can’t have enough Union Jack and British things! Now, I think I went a bit over board with this purchase. It was a very small purchase, but the about of Union Jack and British things I got was too much. 
First, I found this shirt for $13.80. It was on sale for $9. I couldn’t say no. It is in dark navy in size small. On me it will flow, not tight fitting. Also on the shoulders it has small studs. 
This is the jewelry I ended up getting.

Now there was only one reason why I went onto Forever 21 and order anything. It was because of these earrings. I bought them in the store about a month ago. I cleaned out my room one day and I ended up loosing one of the earrings. Usually at Forever 21 you can’t go back and find things again, weeks later. You will need to go the day after and it will for sure be there. Now, I knew I had no hope and ordered them. This was the beginning of my many purchases I had.

While looking around online I ran into these two things. I thought why not get Union Jack hair pins for $1! Also I ended up getting this match Union Jack mustache necklace. I thought it would be a small little necklace. When I got it in the mail, it was way larger than I thought! I don’t mind though.
So I thought I’d share that small haul with you. Hope you enjoyed! Please don’t forget to follow for more fashion, beauty and life post from me! I have a lot of post I’m planning coming up!

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