Favorite July Product

Some one these products have been my favorite for quite some time now. I thought I would add them to my July favorites though. Also this is my first favorites of the month post, so why not?
First off, is the sinful colors. I have mentioned this in my small Target haul a couple weeks ago. I’ve loved this nail polish! It never comes off and It comes on nice without any streaks. Also, the other day I stopped into Rite Aid and found it for $2. This is cheaper than when I bought it at Target for $7. 

In the summer time I get very dry skin. I was getting tired of it and went to my doctor last summer. She gave me small samples of Eucerin. I loved it so much I went out and bought a huge bottle. I’ve had this for a year now and it works very well!

Earlier this year my mom gave me a sample bottle of this Lancome eye makeup remover. I feel in love with it and ordered a large bottle. As you can see, I use it every night. It takes eye makeup right off. I usually get rashes from makeup removers around me eyes, but this Lancome one did not cause me any troubles! I don’t see myself stop using it anytime soon. Plus, it smells like roses!

I could not tell you why, but I can never get a tan. For two weeks straight I was outside in the sun and never got a tan. As bad as it is I didn’t put sunscreen on and I never got a burn! Last summer I used the Banana Boat, Summer Color. I continued using it this summer and it has done wonderful things. You do have to blend very well or you will get bad tan lines. I have learned. For two weeks straight last year, I used this everyday. I expected to turn orange, but I didn’t. My mom would point out to be if something doesn’t look natural on me and she never said a word. I’ve even asked her if I was turning orange, she said no. 

I have very long hair, it is curly and I have to straighten it. When you straighten your hair you really should you heat protected! Do you want your hair to break off or have split ends? No, no one does. I use TRESemme Thermal Creations. I have not once had a problem when using this product. I couldn’t live without it! 
In my life I’ve always been afraid to dye my hair. Lately I’ve been wanting to have auburn hair. Being to afraid to dye the ends of my hair, I ended up find Sheer Blonde. This spray, Sheer Blonde, is very great to use if you want to go blonder. Every time I get out of the shower I squirt this at the end of my hair. You don’t have to spray it only at the ends like I do. After I do that, I dry all my hair with the towel. Also I stray this when I’m done getting ready for the day. When out in sunlight it helps even more making your hair blonde.

At Bath & Body Works I bought a lot of this Lemon perfume. It went out of stock and luckily once a year I will run into it at the BBW sales. I feel in love with the perfume, so it reached my favorite products of this month, let alone this year. Also from Bath & Body Works I got the Forever Red perfume. During one of their sales I found a little role on for $5. This is real perfume and a bottle can cost $30. Personally to be it has a sweet fruit smell. 
Lastly, I picked this no tangle brush up at Sally’s Beauty Supply. With having long thin hair it can be hard to brush. With this brush I never had a problem. I don’t struggle ever to get a tangle out, it comes on instantly. Also it helps keep hair not to frizz. I highly recommend these.
Those were just some of my favorite July products. I do have more, but these were the ones I’ve had luck with. Please follow my blog or google+ for more post coming soon! I have a lot planned!

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