Daily Make Up 2013

I thought I’d share the process and products I use for my every day daily make up. Now, sometimes I will not use all this. It normally depends on where I am going or how I feel that day. Instead of showing you a lazy day of make up, I thought I’d show you the whole pack load of things I use. I will tell you what is a must for me and what I’d use for certain places I go.

To start, I’m showing you a picture of every product I use. I will name them off. Do keep in mind I left out my eye shadow out on accident! 1. Elf, contouring blush and bronzer (Note: I was not given a name or number of color on the back.); 2. Original formula Airspun, loose face powder; 3. Revlon, Nearly Naked foundation; 4. Loreal, Voluminous Carbon Black mascara; 5. Color Whisper; 6. Loreal, Telescopic Carbon Black; 7. Elf eyelid primer; 8. Maybelline concealer; 9. Elf, eyebrow kit; 10. Elf bronzing brush; 11.Sonia Kashuk foundation brush; 12. Elf, total face brush; 13. This brush is from an unknown company. Eyebrow brush; 14. Elf  concealer brush; 15. Elf eye shadow brush; 16. Elf blending eye brush; and 17. Eye Definer, Felt-Tip Eye Marker. Also the forgotten one in the picture: Naked, Urban Decay Basics palette.
Now I will go threw each in categorizes by each number.
This is the Elf contouring blush and bronzer. The packaging did not give a color name or number. Both blush and bronzer a sparkles to them but when applied to face there are no sparkles too noticeable. This works very well for me though.
The Airspun Loose face powder has been around since 1935. I have been told my great grandmother has used this, causing my mother to get it and now here I am in the hands of it sharing it with you all. To get all that history out of the way, this powder is the best powder I have ever had. It is long last compared to others I have tried in my life. It is very long last as well! I’ve had the powder for about a year or more and I’m just going on to my second container. Please tell me if it is bad to keep powder for a very long time!
The Revlon Nearly Naked is great for summer! It is in my opinion! In summer time I can’t stand having think foundation on. I have got this Nearly Naked for just that reason. Also it dries fast, so work fast and it doesn’t leave any streaks. It also is very light on the face. It also has SPF 20. Since I am so light and there is no hope in me ever getting tans I have got this (I believe) in the lights shade: 120, Vanilla.

Now when I put mascara on I have to use two different types. First I use Loreal Telescopic carbon black, in the color black. For me this shapes the way I want my eye lashes to go and not clump together. As you can see on the last picture above, Telescopic has a thin brush. Perfect to shape how I want my eye lashes. After, I take the Loreal, Voluminous Carbon Black, in color black, and lay it on thick. With the Telescopic on my lashes before hand, the Voluminous does just what it is called, gives volume to my lashes. Both open up my eyes bigger and brighter.
As you might tell, I am going in no order, only the order of the numbers over in picture one. So, I usually go for the Color Whisper lipstick last. I have many types, but I use  Pin Up Peach to bring my look all together. Compared to the other four I have (which are mentioned in this post) the Pin Up Peach gives a lot of color.
For eyelid primer I use Elf. These are small little samples I have and I fell in love. I’m trying to use all my eye primers samples up and this was the last one. It goes on my eyes very well, dries fast and I don’t need a lot at all. This has gives small sparkles inside. You can’t notice them, unless you add too much, like I did one day. If you add a lot you can notice sparkles all over your eye. 
Please excuse the picture, it was very hard to take. This is the Maybelline concealer. The tube is very small and the brush is exactly like the previous picture of the Elf eye primer. I’ve had bad luck with concealers, but I think I found the one. The one problem is it is too light for me, but I can fix that. Anyways, enough about me, this concealer goes on very well and cover great! 
This is the Elf eyebrow kit. These are in the color medium. You might be able to tell, but I use the dark brown the most. I can get as much color as I want and it matches my eyebrows very well. I have tried the light brown, it didn’t work out well that all. 
Next, I will be showing you all my brushes. This is the Elf bronzing brush. Now, before I start talking about any brushes I use, I don’t use them for what the are meant for. This is classified as a bronzing brush, but since I have such a small face, I have to use it for my blush. So I use the Elf bronzing brush for my blush. It works very well and I wouldn’t live without it.
Yes, I know, the brush isn’t clean, but I use this for my foundation. Every foundation I use is long last and I never can you my hands to apply it to my face. I would be walking around with foundation all over my hands all day. So I went and got this Sonia Kashuk foundation brush. It has worked VERY well for me. The down fall is my foundation doesn’t wash out easily from the brush. I’m not sure if it’s because I use long last, 24 hours, foundation or the brush. 
Now, this is an Elf total face brush, exactly what I need for my powder. It helps me apply all my powder to my face without troubles. I’d highly recommend it! I’ve had this for quiet some time and never would give it up.
My mom found this eyebrow brush stuff in my makeup collection when I cleaned it out and organized it once. I’ve had it for quiet some time and it has come in handy when I want to blend and brush out some color from my eyebrows from the eyebrow kit. Unfortunately, there is no name on the brush. I do believe I got it in a packed of this for $1 a long time ago. As you can tell, I use the brush side on my eyebrows. There is no use for the comb side.

Continuing with filling in my eyebrows, I use this small Elf concealer brush. Now, I know it is a concealer brush, but it was just the right size for my eyebrows, so I started using it for just that. It works perfectly!

These are two eye shadow brushes I use. The last picture is the Elf eye shadow brush. I use this to apply all my eye shadow. The top Elf brush, blending eye brush. I use it for just that, blending my eye shadow once I am finished. 

I have a very hard to with eye liner. I can’t use anything but dark brown and I can’t use it anywhere but on my top eye lip and very lightly on my bottom. Black eye liner does not match my skin color. I’ll look like a raccoon if I used it. This is the Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker. Of course, I’ve got this in dark brown. It is liquid with the type of tip you see above. It does amazing work!
Just yesterday I bought the Naked Urban Decay Basics Palette and have talked about getting it in my previous post: here. Now I was very excited about this and today was the first time I got to use it! To try it out for the first time and I love it! I’m planning to write a post about the way I use these colors and what type of look I use with them so keep a look out for that in the next few days!

So that is all I have. If you use any of these products please comment below and leave pros and cons you have about them! I’m glade I could share with you my daily make up I use! Don’t for get to follow for more post like this.

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