Small Target Haul

(from right) Pin Up Peach, #30;  Petal Rebel, #60; Coral Ambition, #35; Nude Shimmer; #250; and Ravishing Pink, #255
Never in my life was a big fan of Target. Only because it was always far away from where I live and I could get the same things for the same price at my local store just a mile away. I went with my cousin and mom one day to Target to look at something they don’t sell in my local store. While there, I forgot how wonderful this place was.

A few years ago, Target was remodeled and from this, more things were added. The food section was added, a Starbucks, a bigger electronics section and a bigger makeup section was also added. I decided to go around the store and see if any new products I’ve been liking where sold there, at Target. 
While there, I ran into Color Whisper lipsticks. I feel in love with Color Whisper the second I tried it! I have mentioned Color Whisper it one of my blogs post, my top 3 lipsticks. At the time I only owned two, but after taking a few trips to Target, I’ve added three more to my collection of these wonderful lipsticks.
You may be able to tell, the last two (Nude Shimmer & Ravishing Pink) are the first ones I’ve had and used the most. This is all the Color Whispers I own. The are amazing lipsticks I recommend! I call them lipsticks, but to me, I’m not to positive if they are lipsticks. They have a tone of being a lip gloss. They let off a shimmering, shinning look and feel glossy. Please comment below and tell me what they are, I’d like to know. Each Color Whisper was $7-$8
Also at Target, I was on the hunt for new pillows for my room! I was in desperate need of new pillows! I usually have about six pillows sitting on my bed and a couple I had were old and where from when I was a kid.
The pillow on the left is a furry zebra print pillow. It is good in size. Perfect size to rest my head on. The next pillow on the right is round, plain black and silk. My room is pink, white and black so when I saw these I thought it was perfect. I have too much pink in my room so I’m trying to pull away every time I get something new for my room and lean towards black and white. These each were $10.
The last thing I wanted to share that I got at Target, was the Sinful Colors nail polish. I used to have this about five years ago but it ran out and got all dry. My local store did not sell these anymore, which caused me to think they went out of business. WRONG! While at Target and roaming around the cosmetic section, I ran right into the Sinful Colors! I was so delighted, I had to get it. I owned the color #920. This was the only Sinful Colors I’ve owned. #920 is a bright pink coral color. I love bright florescent pink and this is the only nail polish I can find that is exact bright, neon, florescent color pink I can find! I believe the price was $7, but I was too happy to look or care, so unfortunately I don’t know. Sorry!
 I’ve bought so much more at Target, but these where just the items I wanted to share with you all. I hope you enjoyed! 

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