Gustav’s Pub & Grill

Before I was born my parents have been going to Gustav’s Pub & Grill. With this, I’ve had Gustav’s in my life forever. It has became part of my life and my favorite restaurant!  This pub is only in my location: Portland, OR; Clackamas, OR; Vancouver, WA; Tigard, OR and at the Portland International Airport.  
Gustav’s is classified as a German restaurant. This place is affordable and serves the best food you could ever taste! There is many things on the menu, here are a few (limited) things to eat at this fabulous place:
First, is the classic Swiss Cheese Fondue! I highly recommend this delicious fondue. The ingredients contains: processed swiss cheese, chardonnay wine, garlic cloves, white pepper, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, rye bread, French bread and the at Gustav’s the option of  smoked sausage. For full recipe visit: 
Another famous plat ordered from Gustav’s is the Shepherd’s pie.  When ordered this is optional with any side dish. I personally have never had this, but everyone I know that goes to Gustav’s has and I’ve heard it is amazing! It is next on my list to eat here.
And of course, the chicken strips, that you can get at any restaurant. As you can see in the picture, the chick strips come in a full size piece of chick. They don’t come in individual pieces, so you will have to cut them your selves. Ranch, mustard and ketchup is served as drippings and a side order of French fries. The French fries of course are optional. I have this nearly every time I got to Gustav’s and it is a filling meal.
That is three major dishes that a normally served at Gustav’s. There is of course MANY more! For more information about Gustav’s Pub & Grill visit the website at:
I hope this made you as hungry as I am! I also hope you enjoyed this. I wanted to clear up at I got all information from In addition, I am no professional cook, but I have taken three years worth of culinary class, so I think I know what I’m talking about. I got the fondue recipe at: . Also, I own none of these pictures. 

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