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4th of July 2013

I am very sorry I haven’t got around to posting much on here! I was busy finishing up school for the year and I started working, otherwise I’ve haven’t really done nothing. Nothing that would be in any interest to write about. So today, a week later, I thought I would tell you all the fun I had the day before 4th of July and on the 4th of July.

My great friend Tabitha invited me, the day before 4th of July, to a rodeo in Molalla. I’ve never been to to Molalla Buckeroo Rodeo, let alone a rodeo. Every year, starting at a young age, I’ve always wanted to experience going to a rodeo. While I live, it was always a typical thing to go do in the summer time. Now at 17, I was able to go to my first rodeo!
Tabitha took me, alone with her boyfriend, Alex, and her sister, Sabryna. Unfortunately, I was unable to take pictures or videos because of the rules they had. I did get a few before I was told to put my camera away.
Later that night there was a huge firework show. I didn’t get any photos but I managed to get the end recorded (That is on my Youtube vlog).  All together it was such a fun night out with my friend!
The next day it was the 4th of July! A family tradition, my moms side has, is her whole family heads over to my great uncle Bill’s for lunch. Luckily this year it wasn’t too hot out! We sat outside and had a nice family get together. 
Later, after I left, I headed back over to Tabitha’s house to watch fireworks and have a sleep over. At her house my friend Courtney came to hang out with us, which only led us to plugging the computer up to Tabitha’s big flat screen TV and watch Youtube video (as you can see below).
Once it started to get dark out, we all headed to Tabitha’s backyard and watched fireworks throughout the city for miles. I wasn’t able to get any pictures because they were so far away. It was a nice view while we all sat and ate s’mores. Afterwards we all headed back inside and  continued to have a lovely night watching Youtube videos (Jacksgap to be specific).
It was a great 4th of July for me that I’ve ever had! If you are reading this and live in America, I hope you had a great one to!
I will be posting more soon! I have a lot of things I will be up to now and will be keeping you up to date.
I will leave some more pictures below of my friend and I that night:

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