Around the World

My Travel Bucket List

In my life I’ve only traveled around the west side of America. I travel around Oregon and Washington a lot! Last year I went on a road trip up around in Idaho and Washington, along the boarder of the States and Canada. I’ve been to Victoria, B.C., Canada once. When I was five I headed down to Disneyland in California and when I was three I went to Texas for three months. The farthest east I have ever been was Chicago, Illinois. This August, I will be going on my fourth trip to Oahu, Hawaii (keep your eyes out for a post and Youtube vlog of Hawaii soon!). I believe this August will be the last time I’ll head for Hawaii for a while. I have such a long list of places I would love to travel to, that I rather head there, than go to Hawaii again and again. So with that, I thought I would post a list of countries/cities I want to travel to.  I call this my travel bucket list! Hope you enjoy! 

The number one first place in the world I’ve been dying to go to is no other then London. I have a long list of places I want to go to in the London area. I’m planning to be taking a trip there in the summer of 2014 or I may move there for a year with my parents for my dads job. I do hope I will be able to head to London, let alone England at all, soon!  I have so many other places in England I would love to go to, but London is my number one city!
As second location in the world I would love to go to is Rome, Italy. Again, like England, I have many places in Italy I would love to go to as a whole (also including Sicily, Italy’s province!). I have many things in Italy that relate to who I am and family history. It wouldn’t be right to not go to Italy in my life. 
Lately a place I’ve meet wanting to head to is New York City! The city life excites me and I think I would get a good kick out of going to NYC. A lot of my friends have been to NYC for a school trip and the stories they tell makes me want to go even more! I think this city would be perfect for me. I love city life that goes all day and never sleeps. Also the shopping sounds amazing! 
There is so many more cities and countries around the world that I want to got to! I wanted to share my top three places I want to travel to but with a reason behind it. The other cities I’ve wanted to go to are: Las Vegas, Nevada; Orlando, Florida; Berlin, Germany; Paris, France; Tokyo, Japan; and last but not least Edinburgh, Scotland. I know I most likely wont be able to make it to all these places in my life time, unless I was rich. This is why I thought I would share my top three cities/countries I’d do to before anything else!
If you have any good suggestions on shops, restaurants, etc. places to go in any of the cities I’ve mentioned above, please leave a comment bellow! I would really love to create a big list of places to go whenever I head to these cities! Don’t forget to follow my blog for more post like this!

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