How To Treat Acne

How to treat acne:
It you are like me, and get random pimples in spots, and want to get them away fast, there is some wonderful thing to use, that I suggest.

Item #1: Clinique, acne solutions.
This product is in a small bottle that is a spot heading gel. Apply to the pimple spots or acne area. This is best to apply at night, before bed. Acne solutions drys in seconds, it does make your face a little stiff, but it worth it!
You pick up Clinique, acne solution at Sephora shores, or any other shop that displaces Clinique.
Item #2: NoXema, deep cleaning cream.
This deep cleaning cream, from NoXema, it a great way to clean your face to prevent acne. Apply to face, as in a full face mask. Let settle in for about a minute. Than, take off with a warm towel. Best to apply before bed as well.
Item #3: Witch Hazel.
Witch Hazel is a liquefied treatment. Best to wash face with Witch Hazel to prevent acne as well. In addition, can relief: oily, irritated, red, damaged, blemished or inflamed skin.
Item #4: Neutrogena, Body Clear Body Wash.
Yes I know, Neutrogena, Body Clear Body Wash is best to treat/help prevent body breakouts for clean, clear skin, but it is also great for your face. It naturally is meant to treat back, chest and shoulders. For two days, straight, I used Neutrogena, Body Clear Body Wash on my face. It cleared things up very fast, like I never had any acne! This product is used in the shower, because it needs to be foamed up and lightly scrubbed to the acne area.
This are four items I have personally used with I have acne problems. I suggested then because they helped me out a lot! You can find most of these items, besides Clinique, acne solutions, at your local stores. If none of these items work, there is also the option of going to your local doctor and asking for a acne medicine, I have also done this. Just for warning, depending on your skin and how bad of acne you have, it can take a whole to find a medicine that will work good for you.
I hope you enjoyed my opinions on the best items I suggest to treat acne. If this post has helped you, please comment below and let me know! Also don’t forget to follow my blog.

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